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Suggestions: Things to do in Alaska

Travelers often ask me: “Cruin, I know that going on tour with you is the most fantastic thing to do in Alaska, but after I've done that what else is there to do in Ketchikan, or in the rest of Alaska?”

Alaska is a big place, and I have not done everything! In fact, I've not hardly done nothin' here. But here are a few of my own personal favorite tours, places, and things to do. From South to North:


Private Custom tour -- with Ketchikan Tours -- Me!

Come on tour with me, of course.


Go fishing. Duh! I don't know many fishing guides here. The one I do know, Chip Porter was almost as famous for his great guiding as he is for his fantastic photography

Chip took me out and helped me catch my first King Salmon here in Ketchikan, it is a memory I shall always cherish.

Alas, Chip Porter has retired as a fishing guide now (he still does fantastic photography). So there are no other fishing guides I have personal experience with, but if you contact me looking for a fishing guide, in Ketchikan, I'll see what I can do to help you find one.

Other than touring with me and going fishing, there are other types of tours I really recommend. I know the people involved, and I can, in fact, arrange and book you into these if you like.

Kayak Tour or Electric Bike Tour

My friend and fellow Scot (although he is more handsome), Devon Bitner, has a great Kayak and Electric Bike tour company.

Bering Sea Fisherman's Tour

I remember, on the only “Deadliest Catch” episode I ever saw, the Aleutian Ballad got smacked by a big rogue wave. I am happy she is now in calmer waters around Ketchikan, doing a tour that everyone loves.

You can contact me to help book this one, if you like, and I can fit it into one of my tours.

Great Alaska Lumberjack Show

When I met my wife-to-be in Ketchikan, she told me that she knew the words to the Lumberjack Song (from Monty Python's) in nine different languages. I convinced her to marry me by telling her I could sing it in Scottish Gaelic!

“Oh! – 'S e fiodhair a th'annam, agus tha mi ceart!”

Or contact me to fit it in around one of my tours.


Yes, yes, when people are in Juneau, they all want to go see the Mendenhall Glacier (and I do that sometimes). But when I am in Juneau, what I really like to do is go for...

Ice Cream!