Halibut Alaska

A Town with a lot of heart and a lot of fish

Fiction by Cruin MacGriogair

Copyright (c) 2018, 2019 by Cruin MacGriogair.

Image Halibut Man (c) Ken Decker used here with his permission.

You might have trouble finding Halibut on a map of SE Alaska. Go to Ketchikan, then take a boat, then go North a bit, then West a bit, then South a bit, then East a bit. If you get to Petursburg you went too far North. If you get to Sitka, you went too far West. If you get to Canada, you went too far South. And if you get back to Ketchikan, then it was just not your destiny to get to Halibut. But at least you can read about it here.

What you write on a welcome sign is important. It lets people know what you are all about.

Ever wonder who that eskimo is on the Tail of Alaska Air planes? This story might answer that question for you.

Canadians: Ever wonder why Canadians think that "Eskimo" is derogatory term, while Alaskans do not? This story might answer that question for you.

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