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A Wee Place Between the Sea and the Mountains

​A Custom Tour with an Expert Private Guide

Totem Poles, Historic Creek Street, Salmon Falls, Forest, Eagles, Sometimes Bears, Waterfall, & Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian Native Art


Ketchikan has so much to offer a visitor, it is sometimes hard to choose. Tell me what you prefer to do, and I will take you to the best places. If you have particular preferences, or if you have special needs, contact me and I will set up a custom tour for you. Else, simply book now, and we can change the details to fit your preference when you arrive.

I am happy to customize this tour to your needs and interests. Message me about changing the number of people, or the duration of the tour, or any other details.

I will meet you at the exit ramp from the ship. We will take a short walk to my vehicle.


What follows is the itinerary for a "usual" tour, but this itinerary often changes, depending on the weather, local events, or your own preferences.

First, usually, we take a look at North Ketchikan (New Town): Shipyards, Wolf Point, Tongass Narrows, and the Airport.



Then back South for a quick trip around "Old-town" Ketchikan.


In Whale Park and near Creek Street, we shall look at three totem poles: Chief Kyan Pole, Fog Woman Pole, and Raven Steals the Sun and Moon. I shall tell you the stories attached to these poles, and I will tell you about the carvers, how they are carved, and give you a short demonstration of carving tools with my own, hand-forged tools.


Ketchikan Creek itself is an interesting sight, and from mid-July on has a large salmon run.


Near Creek Street is the Downtown Museum, which houses a small but nice collection of historic artifacts and native art. If you are interested, we can stop in here, and I can describe some of the art on display.

Then, South of town there are some eagle nests, and Herring Cove hatchery, where we can see a salmon run, often many eagles, sometimes shorebirds and herons, sometimes seals and even bears.


Lastly, we shall visit a pretty waterfall.

If it is raining (it often does - this is a rain forest), we can concentrate on indoors exhibits, and sheltered places.

End of tour:

After the tour, I will take you back to your ship (or, if you want to go shopping, to the best shopping area near the ship). I will make sure you are back before your onboard time.

Hit Book Now to get a quote

Start, End Location, and Duration

Meeting location: I will meet you at the exit ramp from the ship. I shall carry a big sign with your name on it, or I shall wear distinctive clothes (often I wear a kilt!). Don't worry about delays at the ramp, and don't hurry -- you are on vacation, and I won't start the tour without you! You can always call me on my cell -- the number will be on your booking confirmation sheet.

End location: I will take you back to your ship (or, if you want to go shopping, to the best shopping area near the ship). I will make sure you are back by your onboard time.


2 hours 30 min

3 hours 30 min

All Day tour (or as long as we have time for)


What’s Included

Transportation, and all entrance fees. I also carry water in the car.

Estimated Local Cash Needed

5 USD - only if you plan to pick up juice or a snack along the way. If we plan to stop for lunch, you might need $20-$30 for lunch. I will take care of any additional fees, (entrance fees, museum costs, etc.)

What’s Extra

Other than snack money, you need nothing else. But you might want to bring binoculars, a camera, some good walking shoes, some layered clothing, a raincoat, a hat, and some sunscreen for the occasional sunny day we get here.


I conduct small tours in my personal minibus – a 2025 Toyota Sienna. There is one driver seat and six passenger seats: 1 up front, 2 bucket seats second row, and 3 row seats in the third row (the middle one is for a skinny person). I can fold away a back seat or two if we need to carry a wheelchair or scooter (I am happy to do so).

I can arrange for a larger vehicle, if needed, but that will  increase the price of the tour (call or email for details). I have room in the hatchback for lots of bags, a wheelchair, or a mobility scooter (that can disassemble). I am happy to set up a tour for someone who has difficulties walking, but the person must be able to climb in and out of an SUV, with a stool and  assistance.

Rating ★★★★★
Tour: Ketchikan - A wee place for Steven Mattix & Family between the sea and the mountains

Date: Jul 28/17

Cruin was personable, friendly and knowledgeable. He accommodated our personal interests plus guided us to local points of interest that we were not familiar with. He was generous with his time and knowledge. We highly recommend his tour. If you are looking for something smaller and more personable, this is the tour for you.

Steven Mattix United States

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