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A Walk into Southeast Alaska History


A Custom Tour with a Private Guide

Totem Poles, Historic Creek Street, Museum, Salmon Ladder, City Park




  • Whale Park

  • Historic Creek Street

  • Totem Poles

  • Downtown Museum

  • Salmon Falls

  • City Park (Optional)

  • Totem Heritage Center (Optional)

  • Married Man's Trail

Within an easy walk from the ship

One of the things I really love about Ketchikan is that you can see a whole bunch of nature and history on an easy walk around the "Old Town. " There are some great old totem poles, and some more modern poles done by today's greatest carvers. There is Thomas Basin Harbor. There are salmon leaping over the rapids, or climbing up the fish ladder. Often you see eagles, and seals chasing the salmon. Songbirds, dippers, and swallows skim the surface if the water. There is the historic "red light district" with colorful houses built on pylons into the creek. The is a beautiful park, a museum, and the Tongass Heritage center, which preserves some really old totem poles, and examples of native art.

The pace will be casual. This is a sightseeing walk, not a workout (unless the whole party desires a more challenging walk.

Start, End Location, and Duration

Meeting location: I will meet you at the exit ramp from the ship. I shall carry a big sign with your name on it, or I shall wear distinctive clothes (often I wear a kilt!). Don't worry about delays at the ramp, and don't hurry -- you are on vacation, and I won't start the tour without you! It often takes a while for a large party to meet up at the ramp, even if they are all in the same family. Allow for this, and try not to get frustrated by it. You can always call me on my cell -- the number will be on your booking confirmation sheet.

End location: I will walk you back to your ship (or, if you want to go shopping, to the best shopping area near the ship). I will make sure you are back by your onboard time.


2 hours 30 min

3 hours 30 min

All Day tour (or as long as we have time for)


What’s Included

A fully guided walk.


By foot.

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